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Best Laptop Stands

Because of COVID-19, many people are now working from their laptops at home. Though laptops are a great way to stay productive amidst a global pandemic, they can really hurt your back if used incorrectly.

That’s where laptop stands come in. If you’re thinking about buying one, you have come to the right place. In this best laptop stand buyers guide, we cover everything you need to know; from features to costs. The guide also includes laptop stand reviews for some of the most popular models on the market.

So let’s get started.

Best Laptop Stands Reviews

If you want to skip the guide and jump straight to our Laptop Stand Reviews, we have reviewed some of the most popular stands and laptop tables on the market. Each review is written independently by me, so there is no biased. Enjoy!

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Laptop Stand Buyers Guide

What is a Laptop Stand? 

A laptop stand is pretty much what it sounds like. It is a stand on which you set your laptop. This allows the laptop to sit closer to eye level, allowing you to look at the screen and type more comfortably which minimises strain on your neck/ back.

Why You Should Use a Laptop Stand 

Many people put off using a laptop stand because they think it is excessive and pointless. This could not be further from the truth. Laptop stands are incredibly helpful and beneficial for a variety of reasons. Here are the 2 most important ones: 

1.     Improves Posture and Relieves Pain 

When working on your computer, especially for long hours at a time, your shoulders naturally slouch. Using an elevated stand, however, forces your shoulders up so that way your posture is improved. This is achieved since the laptop will sit in line with your eyes, so less time looking downwards.

Since a laptop stand improves your posture, it also relieves back pain and stress in your muscles. When you slouch or sit slumped over your computer, you put unnecessary and awkward pressure on your back. This causes back pain. Using a stand can help prevent this pain. 

2.     Minimizes Glare 

There is nothing worse than when you are trying to work but some glare makes it impossible to see the screen correctly. Avoid this problem with a stand. This device can be angled so that the glare is minimized. Obviously, this makes it much easier to see and use your laptop. 

Fixed and Adjustable Laptop Stands

Even though there are hundreds of different laptop stands to choose from, they will have one of two basic designs: adjustable, fixed.

1.     Adjustable 

If you want a laptop stand that you can customize to your height and angle, then you want an adjustable model. Adjustable models allow you to adjust the height or angle of the laptop for optimal viewing purposes. This stand type is best for those who work long hours on their computer or may find themselves in different positions throughout the day. Adjustable laptop stands can be both

2.     Fixed 

Fixed laptop risers cannot be adjusted – these stands only offer a single level of elevation. Due to the nature of these stands being fixed, they tend to be used in offices or at home on a computer desk. Whilst they can be portable and lightweight, as they are fixed they do not fold flat so not great for portability.

Types of different laptop stand

Now you understand that all laptop stands are either fixed or adjustable, it is important to consider how else they can vary:

Portable Laptop Stands

Portable laptop stands are designed for use on a flat surface, like a computer desk and come in fixed and adjustable designs. What makes them portable is that they feature a folding design so that they can be packed neatly into a rucksack for travel. They are also lightweight.

Invisible Laptop Stands

Invisible laptop stands are the new kids on the block, popularised by Moft. Unlike traditional desk laptop stands, they stick to the bottom of your laptop acting as a stand. These stands remind me of the way an iPad cover can double as a stand.

The huge benefit of invisible stands is that they are paper thin and lightweight but tough enough to support a heavyweight laptop. You simply stick the stand to the bottom of your laptop and forget about it. This makes them super portable. One question I always get asked is concerning the adhesive leaving marks, the answer is no – if you buy a decent stand like the ones supplied by Moft.

Lap desks

Lap desks can be used to turn a sofa or bed into a mini home office. They vary in design and this is by no means matter of fact, but sofa lap desks often have a pillowed cushion and a flat surface. Whereas, a lap desk for bed often has legs that sit on either side of your lap. Both designs can be adjustable or fixed.

Vertical Laptop Stands

Vertical laptop stands are space-saving storage for your laptop or MacBook. They work by allowing you to securely store your devices vertically (or upright) thus taking up a lot less space.

Where to use a Laptop Stand 

One great benefit of using a stand is that you can turn virtually any surface into a makeshift office. This allows you to get the most amount of work done, all while remaining comfortable and cozy in your home. 

1.     Desk 

Obviously, one of the easiest places to use a stand is on your desk. Desk laptop stands can be simple or decorated. Really any type of stand will work well on top of your desk. Just sit it on the flat surface, and you are good to go.  

2.     Standing 

Have you seen those movies where there’s always that super cool CEO that works while standing? Thanks to laptop stands, you can be that cool new CEO. Some laptop stands are designed for standing purposes. This ensures that you have the correct posture and helps you burn more calories throughout the day. 

3.     Lap, Couch, or Recliner 

One of my favorite places to work is on the couch, next to a window. I use my laptop table right there. All I do is place the stand in my lap as I sit in my favorite spot. It allows me to stay comfortable while still being productive and proficient in my work. You can select this option for working at your recliner too. 

4.     Bed 

Even though working in your bed may not be the best option for your sleep cycle or proficiency levels, it can sometimes be fun to scroll the Internet while laying in bed in the morning. Get a laptop bed tray so that you can more comfortably work or scroll the Internet in bed. You can either place it in your lap or get an option that goes over your lap. 

5.     Treadmill 

Everyone needs to work and exercise. Why not kill two birds with one stone by getting a laptop stand for your treadmill? Treadmill stands will work just as the standing option. However, you place it over your treadmill so that way you can walk as you work. 

6.     Car or Truck 

Sometimes, you have to get some work done, even when you’re on the go. Next time you need to look through some last-minute projects before heading somewhere, pull into a parking lot and set up your car laptop mount. This allows you to convert your vehicle into a makeshift office at any time. 

Features to Consider 

It can be hard to know which laptop stand to choose from since there are so many on the market. Here are some factors to consider before buying: 

1.     Adjustability 

As we have already seen, some laptop stands are adjustable. This is really beneficial for those who are tall or use different seating. An adjustable laptop stand ensures that you can find the optimal positioning based on your body. Although these models will be more expensive, they ensure that your laptop is at the right angle and height for maximum performance. 

2.     Portability 

Do you plan to use your laptop stand in multiple places? Will you need to be able to move it from your desk to your bedroom? If so, you want a portable model. Portable laptop stands will not be a permanent fixture on your computer, laptop, or desk. Instead, it will be a piece that can easily move. 

Portable models should be lightweight and easy to carry. Often, they won’t have many additional pieces, contributing to their lighter design. If you need items like extra storage or cooling fans, you might not want a portable model. Likewise, a portable model won’t be as necessary or beneficial if you only intend to use the stand within your office space. 

3.     Size 

Make sure that your laptop stand is the right size for you. Obviously, it needs to be big enough for your laptop, but you don’t want it so big that it takes up excess space. Try to find a happy medium between a large and small model. 

When buying a stand, make sure to check the dimensions. The dimensions will tell you exactly how big it is. Compare these dimensions to the size of where you plan to be working and your laptop. 

4.     Weight 

Weight can also be a really important issue when it comes to a laptop stand. If you get a flimsy stand, it may not be sturdy enough to hold up your computer safely. Conversely, a heavy laptop stand will not be portable or easily moved. 

If you intend to use your stand on your lap or move it around, look for a lightweight model. Lightweight models ensure that you can easily carry it around and don’t squish yourself while using it. If you want to store other items on or in your laptop stand, you might want to select a heavier model. 

5.     Ergonomic Design 

Most desks are cluttered enough as it is. A stand with an ergonomic design will fit into your workspace neatly and compactly. Not only that, but ergonomic laptop stands are easier to use, ensuring that they maximize your proficiency levels.

6.     Material 

Material is an important aspect to consider with your laptop stand. They affect the price, build, and longevity of the stand. Many laptop stands are made from plastic. Plastic is cheap but is also likely to break. On the other hand, metal is a durable material. Yet, it is normally too heavy for a portable option and is often expensive. 

A good medium between a plastic and metal laptop stand is a wood option. Wood is much lighter than metal, yet it offers more durability than plastic. At the same time, wood is often environmentally friendly, making it better for the environment. 

7.     Extra Storage 

If you need a stand for work, you likely need some other tools like a calculator, notepads, or pens. You can condense the clutter on your space by selecting a laptop stand with extra storage. These storage compartments will organize all of your contents all while lifting your laptop. Normally, this extra storage will go in the area underneath the laptop. 

8.     Cooling Fans 

An overheating computer is troublesome but a likely occurrence for those who use their laptops a lot. If you find that your laptop overheats easily, select a laptop stand with cooling fans. These fans will ensure that your laptop stays cool, even when you’re working long hours. 

9.     USB Ports 

Not all computers come with enough USB ports. If this is a problem you run into, get a laptop stand with USB ports. These ports will let you hook up your mouse, keyboard, and more, making the stand doubly effective. 

10.  Mouse Tray 

Depending on the work you do, a mouse can be more advantageous than the finger pad that comes with laptops. For those who like working with a mouse, get a laptop stand with the mouse tray. This ensures that you can use your mouse anywhere, even if you aren’t sitting directly on a desk. 

11.  Cable Management

One of the worst parts of working from home is that your desk and workspace is cluttered with a variety of cables. Get a laptop stand with cable management to help organize your work area. Typically, this cable management will involve hooks of some sort so you can easily wrap and organize your cables. 


How much you spend on a laptop stand should depend on how much you can afford. Stands aren’t necessary, so you shouldn’t sacrifice your grocery budget for one. With that being said, laptop stands can easily maximize your profitability, making them a really good investment. Luckily, laptop stands don’t cost that much anyway. 

For someone on a budget, you might want to either make your own laptop stand, which we will look at in the next section or look for affordable options. You should be able to find pretty sturdy laptop stands for around $30. 

If you have more money to spend on your stand, you can possibly spend around $100, though that isn’t necessary for most people. You can find a killer laptop stand for around $50. 

DIY Laptop Stand – For FREE!

For those who really can’t afford to buy their own laptop stand, you’re not out of luck. The whole point of a laptop stand is to elevate the laptop closer to eye level, so you can make your own for free using items you have around your house – these do it yourself methods are quick, easy, free and just as effective.

Use Books 

Books are an easy way to make a laptop stand. They are flat, sturdy, and will elevate your laptop. You can adjust the height simply by adding or taking away books. If you don’t have books large enough to safely support the entire base of your laptop, head on over to a used bookstore and buy a couple of textbooks. 


If you want something a bit sturdier than books, you can use wooden planks. All you need to get is wooden posts and one wooden plank. Simply cut the posts to the desired height and nail the plank over the wooden posts. This gives you a sturdy and portable laptop stand that you made yourself. This option should cost under $10 if you don’t already have wood lying around. 

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