Lavolta Laptop Stand

About Lavolta

Lavolta sell their products exclusively on Amazon and are best known for the Lavolta Laptop Stands. Essentially, there are two similar types of laptop stand (both similar in design). The main difference is that one has a cooling fan and mouse tray, the other does not. In this review, we’re looking at both Lavolta stands.

Lavolta also sell other laptop accessories on Amazon, including laptop chargers and laptop sleeves. All of Lavolta’s products are reviewed highly, so they are a trustwortyh brand.

Lavolta Laptop Stand Specifications

Lavolta Adjustable Laptop Table Desk (ls-t013)

lavolta laptop stand

First up is the Lavolta laptop stand which is ideally designed for use on a table / desk, but also supports a range of different locations. Measuring 50 x 29 x 6 cm it is compatible with laptops up to 16 inches wide.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Lavolta laptop table desk are the legs. Each is made up of three individual components, held together by locking joints which rotate 360 degrees. At it’s maximum configuration, the Lavolta laptop table desk offers a massive 19 inches of height.

The great thing about the design of the Lavolta legs is their versatility. You can pretty much configure the legs however you like, so it can be used in a variety of different locations, including beds and sofas.

Made from a lightweight aluminium, the Lavolta laptop stand weighs under 1.5kg. It can support weight of 15kg.

Laptop Table Desk with Cooling Pad (Ls-014sl)

Laptop Table Desk with Cooling Pad

The Lavolta Laptop Table Desk with Cooling Pad is very similar in design to the aforementioned but comes with two additional features. Firstly the cooling pad, which is less of a cooling pad and more of a table top that features two cooling fans. The dual fans are powered by USB and completely silent when in operation.

The other additional feature is the detachable mouse pad which measures 16 x 15 cm. The mouse pad provides additional ergonomics and is a great feature to have. Especially useful when using as a standing desk.

With these extra features comes extra weight, coming in a 1.6kg. The overall dimensions are slightly smaller (49 x 27 x 48 cm). Consequently the Lavolta table desk is only compatible with laptops up to 15 inches wide.

Everything else remains pretty much the same between the two Lavolta laptop stands.

How to use the Lavolta Laptop Stand

Unlike other laptop stands we have reviewed, there is some set-up involved with the Lavolta stands. Out of the box the Lavolta laptop stands are flat, so the first thing you’ll need to do is configure the legs. Before you reach for the instructions, all you need to do is press the locking mechanism inwards which releases the catch, allowing you to adjust the legs. You will need to ensure the base legs are set to the same setting and completely level otherwise you’ll have an uneven surface. We recommend aiming for a Z-shape on your first attempt.

Once you get comfortable adjusting the legs on the Lavolta laptop stand, you may want to try some different positions. As mentioned, the legs provide a lot of versatility allowing you to use the laptop stand on a flat surface or a bed/sofa.

If you have gone for the Lavolta Laptop Table Desk with Cooling Pad, you’ll need to set-up the mouse tray. This clips onto either side of the table and is detachable. You’ll also want to plug the USB (provided) into the hydro bearing fans.

Lavolta Laptop Stand Features

The main feature of the Lavolta Laptop Stand is the versatility provided by the legs. The legs provide up to 19 inches of elevation meaning you can use as a standing laptop table if required. Note: This is under the assumption it is placed on a desk initially. Of course, you can use at a lower height if you do prefer to sit at your computer desk. The ergonomics on the Lavolta stands are incredibly.

It is worth noting the distance (18.5 inches) in-between the Lavolta laptop stand if you do intend on using it as a soft or bed stand. There is no flexibility on this, so you’ll need to ensure a good fit.

To stop laptops from falling, there is a good sized lip at the front of the table.

How sturdy is it?

This is where the Lavolta laptop stands comes un-stuck. Both are prone to rocking whilst the laptop is in use, especially when elevated to the full 19 inches.

We also found that the mouse mat less useful the higher the stand was elevated. Naturally, when using a mouse mat you tend to rest some weight on the mouse. This did cause unnecessary swaying.

What others are saying

Both the Lavolta laptop stands score 4 out of 5 on Amazon from hundreds of customer reviews. We think in terms of versatility, the Lavolta stands are brilliant and ideal if you need a laptop stand for a desk, sofa or bed. The fact that you can upgrade to the Lavolta cooling stand which includes a mouse mat and cooling fans is also a great option. Although both Lavolta laptop stands are light weight, the are fairly large and even when folded flat measure 3 inches thick. So they are not great for users needing a stand they can travel with.

Most customers talk about the cool design, how lightweight the Lavolta stands are and their ability to reduce aches and pains in a variety of different locations.

In our testing, we did find that both stands are prone to rocking and swaying. Especially when elevated to the full 19 inches. To some this does give the impression of lower quality materials, but we beg to differ. It is worth noting, that for most people the swaying will not be an issue for two reasons. 1 – Most will not elevate to the full 19 inches. 2 – Most will use a separate keyboard / mouse. If either of these apply to you, then there is very little wrong with either Lavolts laptop stands.

Pros and Cons

  • Elevates up to 19 inches
  • Suitable for desks, sofa and beds
  • Works as a standing laptop table
  • Lightweight
  • Upgrade options include cooling fan and detachable mouse map
  • Cool design
  • Folds down flar
  • Although folds up flat, thickness is almost 3 inches
  • Not very sturdy

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