Urmust Laptop Stand

About Urmust

Urmust specialise in one category; Laptop, Mobile and Table stands. This is pretty much all they do and they do it really well. They offer both fixed and adjustable laptop stands with all designed for use on a computer desk. Some of their designs are unique to Urmust, however some are based on other popular laptop stands, such as the Nulaxy. In this review, we are covering the Urmust laptop stand.

Urmust Adjustable Laptop Stand Specifications

As mentioned, the Urmust laptop stand stand is designed for use on a flat surface, ideally a computer desk. It is compatible with laptops from 10 to 15.6 inches wide and can support up to 4kg of weight.

In terms of adjustability, the Urmust laptop stand provides elevation from 0 to 90 degrees via two adjustable arms. It also folds completely flat meaning you can pack it away in a back pack. The Urmust weighs just 1.6 pounds so you’ll hardly notice it is there if you do intend on using it for travel.

One great feature is the ventilated design via a cut out oval shape. This allows heat to circulate from the base of the laptop so there is no need to worry about over heating. The main material is aluminium which actively draws out heat.

Finally, the Urmust stand is available in a variety of different colors including silver, pink, grey, blue, black and more.

How to use the Urmust Laptop Stand

You’ll want to place the Urmust laptop stand on a flat surface to being with. Once you’re happy, simply pull up on the top of the stand with one hand whilst applying some weight onto the base. The Urmust sill then begin elevating via two adjustable arms.

As mentioned, you can adjust the Urmust stand from 0 to 9- degrees. Once you are happy with the elevation, you can place your laptop onto the stand. Note that there is a lip at the base of the stand. This is to prevent you laptop from moving out of place whilst elevated.

Urmust Adjustable Laptop Stand Features

We have covered most of the features already in this review, but below is a recap plus another couple we haven’t yet mentioned:

  • Adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Folds up flat measuring 2 inches when closed
  • Supports laptops / MacBooks from 10 to 15.6 inches
  • Can handle up to 4kg of weight
  • Comes with a heat vent for excellent circulation
  • Weighs 1.6 pounds

Other features include a handy insert on the base of the Urmust laptop stand. This is a good place to put phones etc. Initially we were worried about using this as storage for a phone or keys, however the aluminium is scratch resistant.

How sturdy is it?

In short, the Urmust adjustable stand is extremely sturdy. So long as the laptop width and weight complies with the recommendations mentioned in this review.

Note: We do always recommend buying a separate keyboard if you are buying a new laptop stand. We definitely recommend a separate keyboard if you do buy the Urmust stand. When elevated the laptop will shake if you use the built in keyboard.

What are other customers saying?

At the time of writing, the Urmust Laptop Stand had amassed over 6 thousand customer reviews. Most of these reviews are 4 our 5 star so the Urmost stand comes highly recommended.

Many customers talk about how stable and sturdy the Urmust stand is. There is also a huge amount of customers praising the overall quality of the stand. A lot of the other reviews are quite generic but it is worth noting how many customers talk about the ergonomics. After-all, this is one of the main reasons for buying a laptop stand.

The only negative reviews are from customers who have bought the Urmust stand only to find it was not compatible with their laptop. This is in part accidentally (not reading the recommendations) but also down to the shallow lip which struggles to hold thicker laptops in place.


We couldn’t too find many faults with the Urmust laptop stand. It is a well designed adjustable stand with a great set of features. We liked the elevation range from 0 to 90 degrees and the fact the Urmust folds up flat. The ventilated design also works well to prevent laptops from over-heating.

There are some considerations you should know before buying. Be sure to check the weight and measurements of your laptop for compatibility beforehand. Also, be aware if you have a thick laptop, the lip on the Urmust may be too shallow to hold your laptop in place. Finally, if you do not intend on using a separate keyboard you should consider an alternative. See our best laptop stand guide.