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Best Vertical Laptop Stands

Vertical laptop stands have grown massively in popularity as a result of more and more of us now working from home. If you’re like me, its likely you switch between a personal and work laptop with limited storage for both? As a result, my personal MacBook is often left on the windowsill or floor during the day. With a toddler in the house this is a recipe for disaster!

Well, that was until recently. Now I use a dual vertical laptop holder which stores both my laptop and Macbook upright. Not only are my devices secured safely, but the fact they are stored upright means they take up less space.

If you’re in a similar situation, then this guide is for you. Like all things, there is a lot to consider before buying a vertical laptop stand. This best vertical laptop stands guide includes reviews, as well as all of the things you should consider before buying.

Best Vertical Lap Desks You Can Buy in 2021

Omoton Dual Adjustable Vertical Laptop Stand (B078W4XP77)

omoton vertical laptop stand

The Omorton vertical laptop stand is the original and one of the best of its kind. Consequently there are now lots of copy-cat models you can buy. However, I like the Omoton. This particular stand is a dual vertical stand meaning it can safely store two laptops at once. It’s adjustable from 14 mm to 42 mm and suitable for many different models including Macbooks, Dell and Windows.

To adjust the the stand, you simply loosen the arms using the provided screwdriver. The screws are located in the base and out of sight when the stand is in use.

Made from aluminium, the finish is beautiful and akin to the finish of a Macbook (if a little shinier). To prevent scratching, the edges on the Omoton stand are carefully rounded. There is also a protective insert in-between the arms which acts as a cushion. Finally, the Omoton vertical laptop stand features an anti-split base which keeps the stand in position.

It measures 150 x 127 x 47 mm and weighs 690 grams. A strong, sleek and functional stand.

Humancentric Vertical Laptop Stand (B07RV556B7)

humancentric vertical laptop stand

The HumanCentric vertical laptop stand is a ‘one size fits all’ upright dock that is compatible with all laptops up to one inch in thickness. This is down to the unique gripping design, which holds the laptop in place when placed in the stand. The advantage of this is that there are no tools required, so the set-up time is minimal.

As you would expect, the HumanCentric vertical stand offers excellent protection for your laptop. It features scratch resistant protective pads and anti slip rubber feet to keep the stand secure.

The design of the HumanCentric is unique, so unique that HumanCentric have a patent pending in the US. It is triangular in shape, and has a hollow base. It comes in two colors: silver and black. The silver color conveniently matches the gun metal color of a Macbook. Also like a Macbook, the HumanCentric vertical stand is made from an anodized aluminium alloy.

The HumanCentric vertical laptop stand measures 9 x 3.15 x 2.75 inches (LxWxH) and weighs just over 10 ounces.

Jarlink Vertical Laptop Stand (B078XPQQ5D)

jarlink vertical laptop stand

What’s cool about the Jarlink Vertical Laptop Stand is that it’s designed to hold a laptop and Tablet/Phone at the same time. Because let’s face it, almost everyone reading this has more than one device. The way this works is that the laptop gets stored in the adjustable centre compartment. Once in place, you can use the phone/tablet arm to store your second device which will lean on the laptop for support.

The adjustable arms on the Jarlink adjust from 0.9 – 2.8 inches. This is a good range of depth meaning it is compatible is thicker laptops. Like the Omoton, you can adjust the arms by loosening the screws which are located in the base. (An Allen Key is provided in the box).

Other features are similar to the Omoton and HumanCentric: the surfaces are all scratch resistant and the base is covered with an anti-slip rubber covering. It’s also made from an aluminium material and available in three colors: Black, Grey and Silver.

It measures 7 x 4 x 2 inches and weighs 1.3 pounds. And yes, the Jarlink vertical stand is compatible with Macbooks, iPhones and iPads.

Satechi Vertical Laptop Stand

satechi vertical laptop stand

The Satechi vertical laptop stand is another great option if you’re looking for an adjustable stand that holds a single laptop. It’s made from aluminum and is compatible with any laptop / macbook that measures between 0.5 to 1.25 inches thickness. Once again, the grips contain rubber grips which prevent any scratching to metal laptops.

What we really like about the Satechi vertical laptop stand is the simple way in which it adjusts. No need for screwdrivers or hex keys. To adjust you simply turn the knob which is located on the side. We also need to callout the beautiful finish made possible by the anodized aliminium finish. It kind of illuminates in the light and looks really premium.

It’s also worth calling out that Satechi specialise in producing high quality device accessories for the office. The vast majority of their products are 4-5 star rated on Amazon so they have a great reputation.

The stand measures 17.9 x 9.9 x 7 cm and weighs 680 grams. Laptops remain extremely sturdy when in position. You can buy the Satechi vertical laptop stand in three color waves: Black, Space Grey and SIlver.

How do Vertical Laptop Stands work?

It may seem obvious to some, but if you’re wondering how something so small can hold one, two or three laptops vertically then you’re not alone. The answer lies in the design. All vertical laptop docks are designed with a low centre of gravity. This is possible for two reasons.

Firstly, the base is flat and large enough to handle the weight of the laptop. Secondly, the supporting arms deflect the weight of the laptops evenly across the base. Meaning it remains incredibly secure.

Features to consider

To help ensure you get the best vertical laptop stand, I have listed out the features to consider before purchasing. This way, when purchasing you know exactly what to look for which will narrow the list right down.

Single or dual vertical

The first thing to consider before buying a vertical laptop dock is the number of laptops you need to store inside it. This is usually a simple one or two but some people may require more. Dual vertical laptop stands don’t take up more more room than single, so if you’re unsure a dual is a good option.

Adjustable vertical laptop stand

The number one question people have when buying a vertical laptop stand is: ‘will it fit my macbook / dell / surface pro’ etc. The simple answer is yes. But you need to do your homework first. Most vertical laptop stands are adjustable, meaning you can re-size the supporting arm(s).

What you need to be careful of is understanding the min and maximum adjustable range. You don’t want you Macbook to fit too tightly into the vertical laptop dock, so will need to need a couple of mm either side. If your laptop has to tighter fit, then you’ll find it difficult placing and removing the laptop from the dock.

Protective anti-scratch coating (Macbook users be warned)

Because a lot of the vertical laptop stands are made from metal, it is really important to ensure the dock you buy has protective rubber on the insides of the arms. Otherwise your Macbook will scratch easily.

Fortunately almost all vertical stands come with a protective coating. But do consider the price you are willing to pay. Remember, if the price is too good to be true, then the manufacturer has likely cut some corners to save costs.

Another important consideration when it comes to preventing damage is the edges of the stand. Ideally you should look out for a vertical laptop stand with chamfered edges. Not only do these look nicer, but they prevent scratches and damage to laptops when inserting or removing from the stand.


This may seem like a small feature to consider but important nonetheless. If you’re buying a vertical laptop stand then there is a good chance you are looking for a tidier desk? If so, you’ll end up buying a stylish vertical laptop holder with a minimalist design. If this is you, then do you really want a logo of a brand you have never heard of visible at all times? Thought not.

To achieve the minimalist look, consider a vertical laptop stand with minimal branding.


Like laptop desks, laptop docks come in many different materials. Of course, the choice is yours but below we have listed out our favourites for you to consider.

Aluminium alloy: By far the most popular option. This is the same material as the Macbook series and clearly looks beautiful. It is generally very hardwearing, lightweight and strong. Look out for ones that have been finished with sand-blasting.

Wood: Wooden vertical laptop stands are not as popular but do look very stylish. Not only this but they are better for our environment. Because wood is less popular there are fewer buying options. They also come with fewer features including adjustability. If you do need an adjustable vertical stand then it is probably better to do for aliminium.

Plastic: The final material to consider is plastic. Generally plastic vertical laptop stands are the cheaper as the cost is lower. Another benefit of plastic is that is is much less likely to scratch you Macbook. In terms of features, plastic stands offer similar features to aluminium including adjustable arms.

Our recommendation is to go for an aluminium vertical laptop stand. Not only do they look more stylish, but they are the most popular so have a better range to choose from.

Anti slip base

The final feature to consider is an anti-slip base which prevents the laptop dock from moving about when in use. Fortunately most vertical laptop stands offer this as a standard feature.

DIY Vertical Laptop Stand

Despite the relative low cost of buying a vertical laptop stand, some of you reading this will be interested in a DIY laptop dock. If this is you, then fear not – you can create your own vertical laptop stand for free using scraps of wood from your garage.

Be warned you will need some do it yourself skills to create a vertical laptop stand that works and looks stylish. Also note, you’ll need to get your measurements spot on to ensure your laptop fits the stand correctly. You would need to be something of an expert if you’re hoping to create an diy adjustable laptop stand at home.

The easiest way to create your own vertical laptop stand is to use wood. The process is simple, but you will require an electric rotary saw.

  1. Cut either a single piece of wood to size, or glue together offcuts to make a single piece of wood.
  2. Trim all of the edges so they are all straight and even.
  3. Sand down the edges to ensure a nice finish
  4. Measure the thickness of your laptop or Macbook. (You’ll want to add an extra 2 mm either side).
  5. Set you rotary saw at the desired depth and begin making sequential passes

Below is an awesome YouTube video taking you through step by step.

That is pretty much it. Once finished, you can sand down any uneven edges or paint the diy vertical laptop dock to your taste.

Our recommendation for the say of $20 – $30 is to buy one from Amazon.

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