Boyata Laptop Stand

About Boyata

Boyata was founded in 2017 and produces a range of different products including laptop stands, smartphone stands, and wireless keyboards. They are best known for their range of Boyata laptop stands and holders which include adjustable, non-adjustable, and vertical laptop stands.

In this review, we’ll focus on the Boyata Multi-Angle stand that is both adjustable and comes with a handy heat vent.

Boyata Multi-Angle Laptop Stand Specifications

Firstly the Boyata laptop holder is adjustable, providing a great range of different levels of elevation. You can adjust the angle from 0 degrees (flat) to 45 degrees. We found a 30-degree elevation was perfect for ergonomics, ensuring the laptop screen was at eye level.

The stand is suitable for both laptops measuring 11 – 17 inches wide. This is a good range and ensures the Boyata is compatible with common models including MacBook Pro / Air, Surface Laptops, Dell, HP, Samsung Google, Acer, Chromebooks plus many more. Chances are your device will fit just fine as long as it is no larger than 17 inches – for a full list you can check out the official website.

As for weight, the stand comes in at 1.35kgs.

How to use the Boyata Laptop Stand

When you unbox the BoYata stand it comes flat out of the box. There is no set-up required. There are two sets of hinges that you’ll adjust, both provide a range from 0-45 degrees. To adjust, simply pull upwards on the area your laptop will eventually sit.

Because the hinges have to support the weight of the laptop, they are somewhat stiff but nothing to worry about. Once the stand is adjusted, tilt the holder downwards to get a perfect position.

The final action is to set your laptop in position. Once completed, you can make further refinements to the angles. Always ensure the laptop screen is level with your eye-line when sitting in position.

Unless you are planning on using the stand as a portable stand, you can leave it in position after you have finished working. This way, there is no need to make more adjustments to the angles.

Boyata Laptop Stand Features

The Boyata Multi-Angle holder is made from brushed aluminum so will look great in any setting. The most popular color is silver, but it is also available in space grey, pink, and gold. A great range of colors that match some of the iPhone color waves.

What makes the multi-angle stand more popular than the other stands BoYata offer is the heat-vent, which ensures a natural flow of air from the bottom of any laptop. The air vent hole is oval in shape and cut beautifully. Aluminum as a material is renowned for absorbing and discharging heat so there are no concerns with overheating.

Attention to detail is very high on every aspect of the stand. Anti-slip silicone pads are fitted on the base of the stand to prevent it from moving whilst in use. There are also padded hooks on the table to keep your laptop in place, these do a good job of preventing any scratches. Finally, there are four pads on the laptop table which keep your laptop in place.

As mentioned, the stand collapses flat to minimize space. The Boyata is not specifically designed for frequent travelers as it is too big and heavy. It’s fine for occasional travel though.

Finally, the Boyata stand is suitable for any laptop measuring between 11 and 17 inches. This is a good range.

How sturdy is it?

The short answer is extremely sturdy. Because of the design, we did have concerns that the weight of the laptop might result in sagging. However, the hinges are stiff enough to keep the laptop elevated and in position whilst in use.

Aluminum is an incredibly strong and sturdy material which also helps, plus the non-slip silicone grippers stop the stand from moving.

So it is a big thumbs up from us in the sturdiness test. The Boyata is a stable stand that has very little wobbling.

To ensure the perfect working environment, we always recommend using a separate keyboard with your laptop stand. If you do need to use your laptop’s keyboard the BoYata stand fairs well. As the hinges are adjustable, you’ll need to minimize the weight you are applying – so no heavy fingers or resting your arms/hands on the stand.

Note: If you are planning to stick with your laptop’s keyboard on a permanent basis, you might want to consider a non-adjustable option such as the Griffin Laptop Stand.

What Are Others Saying?

The vast majority of reviews are positive with customers praising the sturdiness, adjustability, and visual appeal of the Boyata laptop stand. The Boyata stand is incredibly popular on Amazon and has a 5-star rating with over 3.5k reviews.

There are very few negative reviews, one or two call out the price (which is normal) whereas others point out the hinges are stiff to adjust. However as mentioned above, the hinges are purposefully designed to be stiff to keep the laptop in position.

Pros and Cons

  • Adjustable laptop stand (0 – 45 degrees)
  • Compatible with any laptop measuring 11 – 17 inches
  • Sturdy when in use
  • Anti scratch padding
  • Anti slip base
  • Attractive design
  • 5-star customer reviews
  • Good price
  • Only suitable for occasional travel due to size & weight

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The Boyata Multi-Angle laptop stand is a five-star stand and comes highly recommended. Not only does it look great, but the attention to detail and finish are top quality. Standout features include the heat-vent to keep your laptop cool plus numerous non-slip and anti-scratch grips.

As for the ergonomics, because this stand is adjustable (from 0 to 45 degrees) we were able to find the perfect elevation to match our desk set-up. The tabletop also adjusts downwards which really does help find the perfect position to improve your posture.

All in all the Boyata multi-angle laptop stand is a great choice if you’re looking for an adjustable (desk) laptop stand.

If you do intend on using a laptop stand for frequent travel, this is probably not the stand for you as there are others that are much lighter and thinner. It can be used for occasional travel, however, since it does fold flat.