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Best Lap Desks For Bed & Couch

With more and more people now working from home, it’s more important than ever to be comfortable when working. A growing trend, is woking from the comfort of your couch or bed. This is where a lap desk or table can come in handy. Whilst all vary in features, they all offer some kind of elevation to reduce strain on the neck.

With so many options to choose from, this best lap desk guide discusses some of the features you should consider. So if you’re are looking to turn your couch or bed into a mini office, this guide is for you.

Best Lap Desks – Reviewed

Best Lap Desk with Adjustable Legs

SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Desk

SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Desk

If you’re looking for an adjustable laptop desk then the Saiji is a great choice. Not only do the legs adjust to five different settings, the table top also adjusts up to 36 degrees. With the Saiji lap desk, you’re sure to find a setting that works.

We also love the attention to detail and additional features you get with the Saiji. The adjustable legs come with anti lock buttons to help adjust the legs, quickly and safely. Finished with a non slip pvc leather, there is no chance of items slipping out of place. The Saiji will fold down flat for easy storage.

Finally, the Saiji laptop desk supports weight of up to 40kg and has a built in storage drawer which is really convenient.

Best Laptop Table For Couch

Tatkraft Portable Laptop Desk with Mouse Pad

tatkraft laptop desk for couch

The Tatkraft portable laptop desk is great for using your laptop whilst relaxing on the couch. It was built with ergonomics in mind. It’s both height adjustable (39 – 99 inches) and is fitted with a tilted table that spins 360 degrees, and offers pitch elevation from 0 to 30 degrees. The laptop table is suitable with 7 – 17 inch laptop or Macbooks.

It is also fitted with 360 degree wheels for easy portability. The wheels tuck nicely under your couch when the desk is being used. The Tatkraft laptop table also doubles as a standing laptop desk.

For additional comfort, the Takraft has a mouse pad next to the table. The mouse pad supports from 8 – 10 inch mats.

Best Multi Functional Lap Desk

Cooper Mega Table

Cooper Mega Table

If you need a lap desk that’s more than a lap desk then you need the Cooper Mega Table. It’s called a mega table for a reason. Firstly, it can works as a soft lap desk or a bed lap desk and can be used for working, gaming, eating, reading or writing.

It’s feature list is just as impressive. For starters it has a small draw on the side which you can use to store anything from cables to stationary. Next up there is a iPad or iPhone grove which can be used to place phones and tablets upright allowing you to multi screen. There is also ample room on the desk with room for a laptop, a mouse, wrist support and a drink.

One design feature we really liked on the Cooper Mega Table is the shape. The front of the table has a grove which has specifically designed to improve ergonomics by enabling your body to get closer to the table.

The Cooper Mega Table also folds flat to save on storage space. It’s available in a variety of different colors and sizes to make it compatible with a almost any sized laptop.

Best (Cheapest) Lap Desk

Mind Reader Lap Desk

Mind Reader Lap Desk

If you’re after a cheap and functional lap desk then the Mind Reader lap desk is a great choice. At under $15 you’ll be hard pushed to find a cheaper lap desk. The Mind Reader Lap Desk is has a soft (dual) pillow base. The micro-fibre pillows contour to the surface providing a comfortable and stable surface for working.

The Mind Reader Lap Desk is adjustable, providing 8 levels of elevation. There is also a handy lip at the bottom of the table to keep the laptop in place whilst elevated. To adjust the angle, you simply lift the lid securing to a new level. The lid also folds flat which is make it easy for storage and portability. As the main material is plastic, the Mind Reader Lap Desk is really lightweight.

Unlike other lap desks, there is literally no set-up time out of the box. One thing you should be aware of is the size; the Mind Reader Lap Desk is compatible with laptops up to 15’6 inches wide.

Best Laptop Desk for bed

Taotronics Laptop Desk for Bed

Taotronics Laptop Desk for Bed

This foldable laptop desk by Taotronics is ideal for use in bed. What we love is it’s simplicity and functionality. Firstly it is height adjustable at the touch of a button to five different levels. As if this wasn’t enough, the table surface is also adjustable from 0 to 35 degrees. To stop devices from slipping, the Taotronics laptop desk has retractable barriers. There is also a handy wrist support to maximise comfort.

As mentioned, the Taotronics desk is foldable – the legs fold in on themselves giving a thickness of just 5.4cm when closed. Ideal for storage.

Other cool features include the anti slip feet grippers which secure the desk into position when in use. It is also wide enough to support laptops up to 17 inches. As the desk surface is flat, it can double up as a mini table for kids. All in all a brilliant laptop desk for bed.

Best Over the Bed Desk

Over the bed desks are simi

Best Lap Desk For Kids

VebaCidi Lap Desk with Storage Drawer

Best Wooden Laptop Table

Songmics Folding Laptop Desk

Songmics laptop desk

Wooden laptop tables look amazing, even better when finished with bamboo. Not only does bamboo look amazing, it’s eco-friendly renewable material which is good for the environment.

The Songmics laptop desk features height adjustable legs and a split table top with rooms for a laptop and mouse. The split table top is great since you can adjust the pitch of the laptop, whilst keeping the mouse section completely flat. It can even double as a ‘breakfast in bed’ table if that’s your thing.

Other features include a pull out drawer for storing cables etc. The finish of the Songmics Folding Laptop Desk is outstanding. The bamboo is ultra smooth and the corners are all beautifully rounded. The Songmics laptop desk 35 x 35 cm and it weighs 3kg.

For easy storage, the Songmics laptop desk folds up flat.

Best iPad Lap Desk

MoKo Tablet Pillow Holder

Lap Desk Buyers Guide

Do you find yourself relaxing in bed or on your couch, legs stretched out with you laptop sitting on your lap? You might well be reading this article with your laptop sat upon your legs right now. If this is you, you have probably noticed a dull aching pain at the base of your neck. This is because your head is likely tilted down putting additional pressure on your neck/back. Over a period of time, this can cause serious health issues due to RSI.

To combat this, you might want to consider a laptop desk. These lightweight mini desks either sits on your lap or act as a table with legs either side. You can use a lap desk whilst relaxing on the sofa or in bed. Usually, lap desks provide some form of elevation helping to prevent straining on the neck of back.

Features to consider

The first feature you should consider is the elevation or angle options that the laptop desk offers. As mentioned above, you’ll want one that elevates the laptop screen to your eye level. This is the most important feature you should have in the back of your mind when buying. Before making a final decision, consider where you intend to use the lap desk, and what type you prefer.

There are essentially two different types of lap desk, plus a lap table:

Laptop pillow or Cushioned lap desk

Cushioned lap desks can be used in bed or on the sofa and are generally great if you need portability. They are lightweight so you can easily take them from one setting to another. As the name suggests, pillow lap desks have micro-bead cushions at the base. These bean bag like cushions offer better comfort, plus a small amount of adjustability to help angle the laptop.

The top of the cushioned lap desk is usually flat. Some offer additional elevation options and others extra storage.

Laptop desk with legs

Lap desks with legs are either fixed or adjustable. The legs, sit either side of your lap and support the full weight for additional comfort. Adjustable legs allow you to customise the elevation. This is a great feature, allowing you to maximise comfort in multiple settings: lying or sitting on the couch or in bed.

Laptop desks with legs are recommended if you intend on working from your bed or couch for a longer period of time.

You’ll also find that lap desks with legs are bigger – with additional space for storage. This is because the surface is much more stable since it remains in the same position when you shuffle around. The flip side of this is that they are both bigger and heavier than cushioned lap desks. So, you need to consider how and where you intend to use to work out which type will suit you best.

Laptop Stands For Couch

Laptops stands have longer legs that touch the floor, supporting the full weight of the stand and laptop. Unlike the previous two types, a laptop stand does not impede you in any way as it sits completely separate.

Whilst commonly used on the couch, they also double as a standing laptop desk. We recommend buying a height adjustable stand. As laptop stands are much bigger, you need to consider storage. Some can be a bit of an eye sore, so try and buy one that folds away neatly.

Additional Features to consider

Once you have decided which type of lap desk you need, you should consider these additional features.


It’s possible to purchase both pillow and lap desks (with legs) that adjust to elevate to a setting of your choice. This is achieved in one of two ways:

  1. The legs of of the lap desk go up and down to elevate the desk
  2. The top of the table enables you to change the angle on which the laptop sits. This alters the the pitch for better comfort.

Some lap desks offer both adjustable legs and adjustable angles.


If you’re after a lap desk with storage there are some great options available. But first, ask what kind of storage you need.

Firstly, do you just need additional storage space on the table top? If you intend on using a mouse then you definitely need one big enough to accommodate. Other storage options to consider are phone holders, which can be really handy for multi tasking.

Other specialist lap desks have built in trays which you can open and close. These can be used for storing anything from paper to pens.

You can also find lap desks with built in drinks holders. Personally this is not something recommended as liquids and electronics can be dangerous.

The final thing to look out for is an an opening and closing compartment at the top. These are similar in design to the old fashioned school tables with a opening and closing lid.


Lap desks are available in many different materials including wood, plastic and metals. The material you choose can be down to personal preference i.e. what looks nicer. Or it can be down to how light or heavy you are prepared to accept. Obviously plastic lap desks will be much lighter than wooden.

Another important consideration when it comes to material is how important the overall design is to you. For example, Bamboo lap desks look really cool vs other wooden or plastic designs.


If you are purchasing a pillow lap desk then it will likely be much lighter anyway. However, as these lap desks sit on your lap, once you add the weight or a laptop it can be quite restrictive. Again, do consider things like the additional weight of a lap desk with a wooden finish. Pillow lap desks can range from 1 to 8 pounds. Our recommendation would be to go for something under 5 pounds.

As a rule, lap desks with legs weigh much more than pillow lap desks. As the weight is supported by the legs and not your body this is not much of a concern. If you do decide to buy one with legs, you should try and get one under 10 pounds.


If you’re looking to maximise comfort, you might want to consider a lap desk with wrist support for typing. You can find these both built in, or ones with enough space for you to add your own.


If you need to use your lap desk in different settings then you’ll want something lightweight enough to carry around. Lookout for a lap desk with a handle for convenience.


Most laptop tables are compatible with MacBooks or laptops upto 17 inches in width. Always check the measurements before purchasing.

If you’re looking for lap desk for an iPad or Tablet the same principles and recommendations in the article apply.

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