Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology have been developing forward-thinking products since they set up shop in 1992. One example of innovation is the iTrip, released in 2003 which changed car and music connectivity forever. Nowadays, Griffin specialise in products that protect and power portable consumer tech e.g MacBooks, laptops and smartphones. In this review, we’re coving the Griffin Elevator laptop stand.

Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand Specifications

Laptop stands get labelled ugly, but the Griffin Elevator is different. Made from brushed aluminum and with a sleek design, it looks beautiful sat upon a computer desk.

The Griffin Elevator is not an adjustable laptop stand, it’s lightweight weighing in at only 0.88 pounds. It elevates laptops precisely 5.5” which we found to be an ideal height to elevate aches and pains. Unlike other stands we have reviewed, the Griffin Elevator comes recommended by for it’s ergonomic and health and safety.

As a premium laptop stand, the elevator come with multiple soft touch rubber cushions. These not only keep the laptop in position, but also prevent the stand from moving whilst in use.

The Elevator stand is 7.48 x 5.51 x 4.72 inches which is an ideal size for all computer desks.

Griffin Elevator Buying Options

The Griffin Elevator is available in several different colours so it will fit with your office aesthetic perfectly. Each colour is finished with brushed aluminium giving a beautiful finished look. Available colours include space gray, black, and aluminum gray.

For a premium laptop stand, the cost is competitive at under $40.

Office Usage

The biggest question with any laptop stand is if it will work with your particular technology. This laptop stand works with most laptops for both Mac and PC. The typical size of laptops, 10-15.6 inch screens, will easily fit on this laptop stand.

It will also keep your laptop cool while you’re working as it offers 360 degrees of air ventilation around the modem. You can also disassemble the stand so you can easily move it from place to place or take it with you as you travel.

Simply set this laptop stand on your desk and set your computer on it. It then perfectly positions your laptop 5.5” above your desk which makes it easy to use and comfortable for use all day.


The features of this laptop stand are simple but offer great benefits for many users.

After setting up your laptop stand, your machine is held securely at eye level saving desk space and making it easier to use. The laptop won’t slip and slide as it’s held in place by rubber grips that keep it from sliding and moving around on the desk.

The stand is sturdy and can hold a wide range of laptops but has some give so it will bounce and wobble as you type on the stand. This keeps it from being too stiff but may become a distraction if you don’t like the movement.

Reviews and Comments

For people who have been working in the office for a long time, a sturdy, high-quality laptop stand can be a lifesaver and a desk saver. Being able to rely on your laptop stand to keep your machine safe and at a place that makes it comfortable to use is crucial to being successful at your desk or in your office.

Most reviews speak to the stability of the laptop stand but setting your laptop on the stand is one thing while typing on the stand is another. The overall stability is lower than needed if you plan on resting your wrists on the laptop while it’s on the stand it will most likely bounce and move a little. If you’re able to set your laptop up and then use a different keyboard, the stand is perfect.

There are a few clear plastic pieces that are made of hard plastic and reviews have found that it’s easy to scratch when getting it out of the packaging. Most people dinged this laptop stand just a little because of the overall packaging that it comes in.

Overall most reviews have found that this laptop stand offers a sturdy place to rest your laptop with plenty of airflows to keep the laptop cool. Some of the packaging could be improved to provide a great first impression when opening up your new laptop stand.


If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to save space on your desk, this laptop stand fits the bill. It will securely hold your laptop at eye-level so you can keep your laptop safe and your body comfortable throughout a long day.

Choose from several colors and pick this up all over the internet for a quality, sturdy laptop stand that will fit in with your aesthetic and give you the comfort you need!

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