Goldtouch Laptop Stand

About Goldtouch

Goldtouch specializes in providing ergonomically designed products – gaining something of a reputation for innovation with the release of the Goldtouch Go! Mobile Keyboard. What makes Goldtouch products unique is that each adapts for the individual user.

A great example is seen on the Goldtouch Go keyboard where the split design adjusts to different angles. It’s fair to say, the no size fits all philosophy is deserved! In this review, we are covering the Goldtouch Laptop Stand.

Goldtouch Go Laptop/iPad Stand Specifications

Firstly, the Goldtouch Go is a stand for both laptops and iPad devices. It offers six different levels of elevation, ensuring maximum comfort for any user.

Out of the box, the Goldtouch Go laptop stand measures 28 x 5 x 15 cms (L x W x H). In fact, when unboxing the Goldtouch the stand looks similar to an iPad device – it even comes in a handy cover case which is ideal to use when traveling.

As mentioned, the stand works with both tablets and laptop devices accommodating any device up to 17 inches in size. As most consumers now have multiple devices, this functionality is really handy.

The Goldtouch Go laptop stand is designed with portability in mind. It’s made from aluminum and weighs just under 500 grams. Ideal for hand luggage if you’re traveling light.

How to use the Goldtouch

Set-up time is less than 30 seconds. On the back of the Goldtouch, there are six different height adjustment settings. You’ll want to unfold the back – this section will lie flat on the desk. Insert the supporting section into the back at the required height and you’re almost there.

Once happy with the height, unfold the flip at the front – this is what will hold your laptop or iPad in place. Finally, you can pull out the sides to increase the width of the Goldtouch – you’ll want to do this if using it for a laptop.


The main feature of the Goldtouch laptop stand is the fact it is portable. By this, it is both lightweight (1 pound) and folds up completely flat so you can take it with you wherever needed. There is a handy neoprene case which is a nice touch and great for storing the stand.

It is suitable for a range of different devices, including laptops and tablets. The adjustable bars on either side of the laptop stand ensure it can comfortably accommodate devices up to 17 inches wide.

In terms of adjustability, the Goldtouch has six different settings which provide a great range no matter what. There is also a handy pullout document support bar which you can use to rest documents if you need to reference them whilst typing.

Finally, the design is very sleek – made from aluminum and finished in an attractive silver. There are no other colors available.

How sturdy is it

Like other aluminum laptop stands, the Goldtouch Go is exceptionally sturdy. Aluminum is a great material for strength. It is worth noting that the stand is designed to be used with a separate keyboard when in operation.

If you do decide to purchase the Goldtouch laptop stand then it is worth considering their range of wireless keyboards as well.

What are others saying?

Other customers reviewing the Goldtouch stand talk about many of the topics covered in this review. Talking about how lightweight the stand is, its portability, and the great range of height adjustable settings for maximum comfort.

Generally, the customer reviews are all positive.

The only things to be aware of are the cost, which at $50 is expensive. The Goldtouch Go is also a little tinny so can feel a bit cheap. However, it is purposefully thin to cut on weight which allows for better portability. Goldtouch is a great company and the laptop stand is cut to just the right width so don’t let that put you off buying it.


Personally, the Goldtouch Go is not for me purely on aesthetics. However, it is still a five-star product that offers an excellent range of height settings. It’s an ideal laptop or iPad stand that is perfect for frequent travelers. It folds up flat is really lightweight and doesn’t take up unnecessary weight or space in your suitcase.

As with all things, the decision or not to buy should be based on how you intend to use it. If you need a stand that works with both laptops and iPads and are intent on using it for travel, you won’t go much wrong with the Goldtouch Go laptop stand.

But if you’re still considering alternatives, check out our Moft laptop stand review which is also great for travel.