Kensington Laptop Stand

About Kensington

Kensington has been in business for more than 35 years. During that time they have strived to provide organizations with quality products that help in the workplace. The company says that its core values are: Design, Quality, Support, and sustainability. IN this article, we’ll be reviewing the Kensington Easy Riser Laptop Stand.

Kensington Easy Rider Specifications

The Kensington Easy Rider laptop stand is adjustable, allowing you to position how you need to. The item itself is 11.97 x 11.06 x 1.65 inches. It is pretty light, only weighing about 1.9 pounds, making it easy to take to work with you.

The stand can adjust from a 25-degree angle to 50 degrees, while also folding down flat for easy storage and transportation. The company designed it to hold devices that are between 12 and 17 inches long, which will fit a majority of laptops and notebooks.

Buying Options

If you are considering this stand, there are a few choices that you get to make. First of all, it costs $32.99. There are two color options, which are black and gray. The product also comes with “SmartFit” technology, which allows you to determine the most comfortable position for the stand by using an easy-to-understand color system.

Which Laptops / MacBooks fit the Kensington Easy Riser?

Kensington state that the easy riser product is suitable for laptops like MacBooks, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Razer, and more. It also works well with tablets. Since it is adjustable, as long as your device is between 12 and 17 inches, you can expect your device to fit.

The Easy Riser laptop stand provides increased air circulation as well. That way, your device is not going to overheat. Finally, this product is perfect for your portable electronics. It folds down to a compact size, so you can slip it into a backpack or other bag.

How to Use The Kensington Easy Riser

Using a Kensington Easy Riser laptop stand is simple. All you have to do is place it on your workspace, then set your device on top of it. The device is held in place with padding, so you will not have to worry about it sliding off the stand.

To use the SmartFit feature, you start by placing your hand on the color hand chart. The size of your hand will determine what color to set your stand too. There is a knob on the side that you turn until you find the color from the chart.

Doing so will set up your stand at the height and angles settings recommended for you. It is a good idea to use this feature to avoid slouching and neck strain- especially if you need to work on your device for long periods at a time.

Overall, we think this product is simple to use. It should make working much more comfortable for you.

Kensington Easy Riser Features

The most significant feature the Kensington Easy Riser offers is its SmartFit System. It takes just a few seconds to set up and is easier than adjusting the settings until you find the perfect one.

This product also comes with padded inserts. They provide you with non-slip benefits to hold your device securely in place. The stand is focused on increasing air circulation around your device, preventing overheating from happening – protecting it from damage.

The company also states that they made this stand with portability in mind. They want users to quickly be able to fold it flat, so they can bring it with them. The stand is made from plastic so it is really lightweight. Ideal if you need a portable laptop stand, it also folds flat!

The Easy Riser is universally compatible with different brands and models of laptops, notebooks, and tablets. It would likely fit your devices.

How Sturdy is It?

Kensington does not directly state the weight limit of the Easy Riser. However, it can hold a laptop that is smaller than 17 inches across. This size is considered “large” when it comes to laptops, most weigh around 7 pounds – which is considered heavy for most technology today.

What Others are Saying

Users of the Kensington stand say that it feels sturdy and that they do not have to worry at all about their device falling off. They also said that it works perfectly with an external mouse and keyboard. You can use this combination to prevent strain while working from home. Some users also mentioned that it worked wonderfully with dual-screen setups.

Overall, this product is rated highly by customers. Most enjoy using it and say that it helps them be more productive. Although, users did mention that the product felt bulky and you can not set the SmartFit guide between two different colors, which many people’s hands will be.


In short, the Kensington Easy Riser Laptop Stand is a good workplace item to have. It can help you avoid neck and shoulder strain if you set it to the correct height and angle. Plus, it makes it more level with your other screens, helping you to be more productive.

This product would benefit anyone who has to take their work with them. Made from lightweight plastic, it also folds flat so you can take the stand with you anywhere.

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