Superjare Laptop Table For Bed

Superjare, unlike most laptops we reviewed on this website, is a one-size, one-height, big foldable laptop table for bed.

It’s super sturdy, big, comfortable, and can be used for really just about anything a normal table can offer.

Food, reading, and writing, it fits all sizes of laptops, tablets, and Macs, and the Bamboo wood on its surface gives it a clean, nice, soft-looking personality and touch.

If you want a soft, clean looking, big, and sturdy portable table around the house for all purposes, this Superjare table can provide that.

What I Like About It.


I love big tables. I just do!

Especially when they’re easily foldable and portable. Like this one here.

As you can see in the picture below, I estimate the laptop to be at least 13″ big, and it can already fit a lot more stuff on it very easily.

You’ve got a lot of space for all your peripheral devices such as the mouse, keyboard, and even small speakers if you’d love to, and it’ll still have some space left for your cup of coffee.

Taking that with me to bed every night is a huge plus since I love working on my laptop while in bed most of the time!


Most laptop stands are made of steel. Not this one.

The surface is made of Bamboo wood grain that gives it a clean, soft-touch, and the platinum aluminum legs give it the necessary support that such a big table demands.


It’s foldable with “U” locking joints to secure the legs in place. Easily and quickly fold or unfold the table whenever you need to, very convenient to use.


The feet have a non-slip grip that’ll keep the surface stable at all times, and the platinum aluminum alloy design of the legs gives the stand a good amount of durability and sturdiness and allows for up to 80 lbs of weight without any problems.


Its bigger size allows for all kinds of purposes.

You can eat on it comfortably, work on it, read or write on it, you can give it to your kids to do their homework or enjoy a coloring book on it, and if you have a baby in the house you can let him play with the toys on it. Just like any regular table would allow, but with added portability and versatility.


The design of this table allows you to bring your workstation with you to your favorite place.

Do you enjoy working on your laptop when in bed like myself? When you finish, simply unfold it and tuck it under the bed or to the sides.

Do you like to work on the floor once in a while, too? The Superjare will easily allow it.

You can work on the sofa … On the couch in the living room, in the garden outside, or you can place it on top of your current office desk at the office or home and work standing up, it’s a great way to increase blood circulation and relief your muscles from stiffness and long hours of working sitting in one position.


The Superjare is a big size, sturdy, stable, foldable, and portable laptop table that will help you bring your precious workstation with you, anywhere you like.

It’s sturdy enough to sustain and fit any size of laptops, tablets, MacBooks and has all your peripheral devices on it without any problem.

The surface is made of soft Bamboo Wood which gives it a great and very comfortable touch and looks and has a little lip all around it to prevent stuff from falling down off the table and protects from scratches.

Verdict: Recommended.

Occasions/Purpose: Home, Garden, Networking, Casual.

Our Ratings: [usr 4.4]