Tiny Tower Laptop Stand

This review will be about the tiny tower laptop stand and will include a little bit about the creators, the different features of the stand and my opinion on them, how is it compared to other similar laptop stands in the market, and at the end, I’ll express my overall impression of the product with a “personal” verdict and rating based on my knowledge and experience with other similar products.

As for adjustability, there are 10 different levels of height adjustment that you can play with, which makes the stand really usable for all body sizes and can be placed on most desks without worrying much about whether it’ll adjust ergonomically with your body or not.

A Little About the Tiny Tower

The Tiny Tower laptop stand started its journey into the global market on IndieGoGo, which is a crowdfunding organization, similar to Kickstarter, where new inventions and ideas get crowdfunded by a community of supporters online.

This type of approach is most popular among entrepreneurs with little to no starting budget because it gives them a stage to showcase their new ideas and inventions in front of a big audience of potential supporters and get funding from them even before the product is set to its mass production phase.

The Tiny Tower has successfully reached AND surpassed its funding aim by over 400%! Totalling over $232k by October-2016

Features and Specs

Adjustable Height.

This laptop stand has over 10 levels of height adjustment.

That’s awesome and all, but really 3 – 5 levels would have been just equally enough. For example, the Roost, or the Avantree laptop table, all have a lower range of height adjustment, but I wouldn’t consider them less “functional” in that regard since most humans won’t need that extra inches in height.

In most cases where a workstation including a laptop is involved, it normally requires a few inches off the table to bring the display to eye level and thus allowing you to sit better where your neck and back are at ease.

Tiny Tower Laptop Stand Height Adjustment

However, having a wider range of height adjustment has its benefits:

  • Allows you to use the stand on top of a wider range of tables and desks
  • Can be used by more people with different body sizes
  • And, it tends to be more stable in the “middle” levels, where they’d be considered max levels in other laptop stands.

So, overall I like the versatility of this feature, but I’ll have to factor in the price (Scroll down for my opinion on the price) and a comparison with the competition before I make a judgment.

Ease of Use.

It takes around 5 seconds to fold it flat. That makes it perfect for portability and people in a hurry, most notably students who are often found stressed and want everything to be done rather quickly.

There are a few other laptop stands that fold that quickly, even quicker than that, but I can’t say anything about “5 seconds” folding time. For me, that is a very good time.

Sturdy & Lightweight.

Made of aluminum, a material often used in creating strong, but still lightweight home-based equipment, it gives the stand both the sturdiness and lightness that makes this stand reliable and support most models of laptops and MacBooks.

However, please notice, I wouldn’t put anything else on top of the stand except what the manufacturer instructed, this stand could be indeed strong and sturdy, but maybe only strong enough to carry your laptop or Mac.

The manufacturer clearly states that this stand is designed to support and hold laptops of up to 15″ big (That is the screen diagonal length and NOT the width of the screen!), so if you have a 17″ device or bigger, use it on your own responsibility.

Small Interface/Surface.

It has a small footprint, taking up little surface area, which allows you to have more room on the desk for other items such as a portable keyboard, mouse, books, papers, a pen, a cup of coffee/tea, etc.

If the laptop is put normally on the desk, you’d need to push things aside to make room for all these other items.

Having small footprints with a tiny supportive, height-adjustable neck that pushes the laptop off the table a few inches on the air, makes room on your desk for you to store many different items and help save some space in your already overloaded workstation.

For me, that feature about the Tiny Tower stand is my favorite, because many other laptop stands offer great ergonomics, height adjustability, portability, and even good sturdiness, but very few offer space-saving as this one.

Space-saving is an often neglected design feature within the laptop stands niche.


The stand is still on the crowdfunding sites, as I noticed from their official website here. Though, the company has reached its funding mark a year ago.

From Indiegogo, the price, for now, is set at $92 WITHOUT shipping, and BEFORE retail price.

So when it gets to retail, expect to pay over $110 for this stand-alone.

In my opinion, this is way too much, and the stand is way overpriced. I know I wouldn’t be willing to spend that much on a product like this, regardless how versatile or portable it is. Adding a little more and you can get yourself a decent laptop.

It’s a shame that they couldn’t work out a better price for such a wonderfully designed ergonomic stand.

My Conclusion & Verdict

Kudos to the creators and designers of this stand. The Tiny Tower is clearly a well-designed stand, functional, looks elegant and strong with the choice of aluminum picked for constructing it, and is very versatile thanks to features like the big range of height adjustment, lightweight, and small footprints that allow for big-time space-saving on your desk.

Here’s my problem with this stand: THE PRICE.

At a price point of $110, you can buy 3 good laptop stands/tables that are equally functional and versatile, though might not be as lightweight or space savers as this one.

Nevertheless, I still believe, no matter what, and considering all the other options available in the market today, that this product is very overpriced.

If you love this product very much, would love to support the owners, and can afford such a high price, then, by all means, head over to Indiegogo or Kickstarter and do get a copy or two of the stand.

I’m all for supporting young and creative entrepreneurs like myself.

But if you’re just a regular person who’s looking to buy a decent, cost-effective, and functional laptop stand that’d allow you to work healthy, have an ergonomic workstation at home or in the office, and still be portable enough to carry around, then I have another collection of laptop stands to show you that might grab your interest.

Verdict: Recommended with Lower Price.

Occasions/Purpose: General, on Desk/in Office.

Our Ratings: [usr 3.3]