Xindell Car Laptop Stand

Are you looking for a portable car laptop stand to put you or your kids’ laptop and other accessories in it while on the road?

Xindell stand offers exactly that.

Not only that, but it can also easily be used as an additional storage bag in the car, an extra table for food, and comes with velcros for easy installation and making it possible for you to adjust its length properly for your convenience.

What I Liked About It.


Comes with Velcros for easy and quick installation. Also, the Velcros allow for length adjustment to fit your own body size and convenience.

  • INEXPENSIVE – ~$19.

$15 – $19 price is very affordable for anyone who owns a car. The product’s functionality and quality justify this price in my opinion.


Use as a food table, working table, writing/coloring table for kids, and just about anything you want that an extra small table hung on the back seat can offer.


Not the most sturdy, but it is sturdy enough to hold your laptop in place and not fall down. It does its job well and the kids will love it in the back seat using it for food, watching videos, or playing games on their iPad.

What I Did NOT Like About It.

There was no official weight limit or size limit given by the company, but from the look of it, it seems like it can fit up to 15″ laptops.

As for weight, customers have reported that it can sustain a fair amount of weight but if you’re already placing your laptop on top of it, I’d advise you not to overload it with more stuff.

A tip you can use is that you can put your legs beneath it for extra support in case you have fears of it collapsing while working on it.

But for regular use, this stand should be reliable and durable enough to do its job.

It’s a good, useful product overall and I’d definitely get one for the family.

Verdict: Recommended.

Occasions/Purpose: For the Car.

Our Ratings: [usr 4.7]