Lamicall Laptop Stand

Do you need a 360-degree swivel laptop stand? Perhaps you’re considering using your laptop as a second screen? Or maybe you work in an environment where you need to show your laptop screen to clients? Either way, the Lamicall laptop stand was designed for these situations. But should you buy or avoid? We recently tested out the Lamicall swivel stand so this review is for you.

About Lamicall

Lamicall, which stands for ”let me call” was set up by Daniel back in 2010. The name is central to the founder’s story given the inspiration came from Daniel’s grandfather who used a coat hanger as a stand for his phone. It was on this phone that Daniel and his grandfather used to regularly FaceTime one another. One thing led to another and Lamicall was set up by Daniel, and boy has it grown since 2010.

Lamicall continues to specialise in the same category (holders and stands) but has grown to offer solutions for mobiles, tablets, laptops, watches and headphones.

Lamicall Swivel Laptop Stand Specifications

The Lamicall laptop stand is a 360 degree swivel stand. It sits at a height of just over 5 inches to elevate your laptop and improve ergonomics. It’s made from an aluminium alloy material and is compatible with laptops and tablets measuring from 11 – 17.3 inches in width. It’s worth noticing that the lip at the front of the Lamicall stand is 0.5 inches high, if your laptop is thicker than 0.5 inches, then it is not compatible with this stand.

The Lamicall stand is sold on the Lamicall website, you can also purchase through marketplaces including Amazon. It’s available in two colors, silver and grey. We tried out the grey lamicall laptop stand which beautifully matched the grey colour of my 2016 macbook air.

As mentioned, the stand serves two main purposes. Firstly, the stand elevates laptops to a height of 5 inches. This is important since it helps improve posture by preventing slouching. If you find yourself working at your laptop with your head looking downwards, then you are putting necessary stress on your neck/back which is not good for you. By elevating your screen to eye level your head will remain in a natural position which will relieve any stress on your neck/back. Secondly, the Lamicall stand is a swivel stand meaning you can quickly and easily turn the stand to any position needed.

Final point to cover is the anti slip rubber pads which are located on the base, as well as the laptop table and lip. We found the two rubber strips on the table elevated our macbook slightly from the table surface which improved air circulation – keeping the macbook cooler. Looking on the Lamicall website, this is purposefully designed this way. Neat.

What is the Lamicall laptop stand like to use?

Before you can use the Lamicall laptop stand, you’ll need to set it up. Whilst this is a pretty easy job to do, most stands we have reviewed require little or no set-up at all. Anyway, the set-up is straightforward enough. You’ll just need to tighten eight screws using the kit provided, which secures the neck into place. It’s best to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Note: Make sure you screw the flat end of the neck into the base. The angled end is for the table top.

Once your have tightened the screws you’re good to go – you should now be able to rotate the stand 360 degrees. It’s hard to put into words why, but there is something cool about being able to swivel your laptop. As for the Lamicall swivel, it’s really smooth and not to stiff. Importantly, there is no accidentally swivelling when your laptop is in situ. The swivel mechanism does a great job of locking the laptop into place.

Additionally, the anti slip pads perform well. We found the Lamicall stand was generally much more sturdier than other stands we have tested. This is in part down to the weight which at 2.68 pounds is pretty weighty. Plus the fact that the Lamicall stand is not adjustable. Anyway, it’s a sturdy stand that holds your laptop in place so all positive.

The overall build of the stand is good. The weight and aluminium material give the feeling of quality. There are no concerns with scratching as the lip at the front of the stand has a rubber cover.

Finally, the overall design aesthetics are impressive. The stand sure did look the part on my desk.

Pros and Cons

  • 360 degree swivel stand
  • Elevates your laptop to improve posture
  • High quality finish
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Compatible with laptops from 11 – 17.3 inches and no thicker than 0.5 inches
  • Not adjustable
  • Only suitable for a desk
  • Heavy

What are others saying?

The Lamicall swivel stand is an extremely popular stand on Amazon, having amassed over 5,000 reviews at the time of writing. 94% of these reviews are 4 of 5 star so it is scores very well with Amazon customers. Customers are talking about the sturdiness of the Lamicall stand, it’s great look and feel, plus the swivel feature. There are also a lot of reviews on how the elevation helps to prevent neck or back pain.

Negative reviews were mostly to do with missing or damaged parts or issues in assembling the stand. There were also negative reviews that mentioned compatibility with larger laptops. To recap, the Lamicall stand is compatible with laptops / macbooks from 11 – 17.3 inches.


Should you buy the Lamicall Laptop Stand?

We were really impressed with the Lamicall swivel stand and you will be to. If you need a stand to improve posture that can swivel 360 degrees this is a great option. It looks very premium and is made very well. The swivel feature works really well – it’s smooth but also secure when stationary.

If you are looking for an adjustable stand, or perhaps one with better portability. Here are two other options to consider: Nillkin adjustable laptop stand or the Moft stand.